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The Socialist Solution: An Article Calling on All Unemployed People to Join Socialist Organizations

The Socialist Solution: An Article Calling on All Unemployed People to Join Socialist Organizations.

Unemployed people should join socialist organizations because socialist organizations would give these unemployed people a place to use their talents, gifts, and abilities collectively, toward a common goal. Socialism has been given such a negative stigma by the propaganda machine that people simply shudder at the mere thought of it; the Soviets, the Chinese, and the Cubans (among others) all have been portrayed as sworn enemies “in the name of freedom”. There is nothing free about America whatsoever. Capitalism and democracy obviously are not cutting it when you see unemployment rates skyrocketing, as they are now. This is nothing new. The capitalist system thrives on cycles of crisis, depression, revival, and boom. The majority of the time, when the economy is struggling, this is when wars begin in an attempt to stimulate the economy. This is nothing new; it has been happening as far back as the two great World Wars.

People are struggling, starving, or reducing themselves to lawless acts in order to do basic things like eating and having a roof over their heads. The capitalist society is a failure, and always has been. There is no place for people that do not do things the “right” way, hence the prisons remain packed and the all-powerful, oppressive police force remain quick to arrest those who fail to do things “the American way”. If these unemployed brothers and sisters would simply understand that they have been fed propaganda their entire lives by the media and the educational system, among many other sources, and that socialism, the notion of everyone being equal, will not only save the country but the world as a whole. China, since adopting socialism, has been the most prosperous nation in the world. America should follow suit, and soon, before the economy collapses for good. If they don’t give it to us, we’ll just have to take it. At the end of the day, what is green paper really worth anyway?

K.K. El
Party Member  #7359