Talking Union

by Bill Fletcher

I was recently asked to participate on a panel regarding the Left and electoral politics.  I declined.  For many people this may seem strange since I have been a very strong proponent of the Left looking at electoral politics strategically.  Well, that is all true but I have encountered a problem and maybe you can help me resolve it.

Most Left “debates” on electoral politics take a very predictable route.  It looks something like this:

.                Electoral politics will not bring about socialism and freedom.

.                The Democrats have consistently sold us out. They are the party of the rich.

.                The Republicans and the Democrats are two wings of the same evil bird of prey.

.                We need an alternative.

.                Therefore, either:

Abstain from electoral politics and wait till the masses, in their millions rise up against capitalism, or…

Create a pure, anti-corporate (if not…

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Union communications coordinator, MSU Alum, Son of UAW Parents, Organizer, Activist, Politics Junkie.

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