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Thanks to an enormous outpouring of solidarity and support from our friends around the world, managers at Peckham Vocational Industries have backed off from SOME of their aggressive anti-union tactics. But they are still attacking workers in an insidious and mean-spirited way. As workers are setting up production lines to produce items for new incoming contracts, management continues to LAY OFF workers en masse. 70 more workers are scheduled for lay-off by the end of the week. We know for certain that Peckham has the work, but they want to “clean house” by getting rid of current staff. We ask that you contact Peckham management and demand that they rehire these men and women they have layed-off without reason. This is just another UNION BUSTING move on the part of the twisted bastards running this outfit.

Call: 517-316-4000

(Peckham CEO)



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Union communications coordinator, MSU Alum, Son of UAW Parents, Organizer, Activist, Politics Junkie.

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