Nestlé tells Pakistan contract workers ‘Give up your rights, now and forever!’ Mass dismissals, jail, beatings and now blackmail

Management at Nestle’s giant Kabirwala dariy factory in Pakistan is deepening its policy of punishing contract workers who demand their legal rights. Casual workers employed for nine months are entitled by law to direct, permanent employment status, but Nestlé has responded to their demands by dismissing over a hundred, fabricating legal charges against the workers and by recently offering 50 dismissed workers the possibility of returning to their precarious employment (‘no work, no pay) on condition that they permanently renounce all current and future claims against the company! Nestlé management continues to pressure union president Mohammad Bhatti to drop his support for the contract workers, who face fabricated criminal charges for claiming their rights. In the course of their struggle, workers have been physically assaulted by a vengeful labour contractor and goons.

Now Nestlé is cynically creating new, permanent positions for contract workers who are not union members and who have not supported the union’s fight for justice, sending a clear message that those who claim their rights will be punished!

Use the form below to send a message to Nestlé, telling them to Stop Nespressure and respect trade union rights in Pakistan!


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