Talking Union

By Randy Shaw
 Beyond Chron

SEIU, AFSCME and likely the California Teachers Association are joining with Governor Brown and big corporations to back a November tax initiative that sunsets in 2016 and bypasses a straight tax on millionaires in favor of taxing those with lower incomes. Despite the expected huge Democratic turnout, the state’s largest unions are supporting a corporate backed plan that is less progressive than the grassroots millionaire’s tax, produces less revenue, and earmarks nothing specifically for education. Even worse, it is only temporary, with voters having to approve an extension in four years.

Why would labor back such a flawed plan that polls show is less popular than the straight tax on millionaires? Because Brown convinced labor leaders to side with him and his corporate allies, rather than with the Courage Campaign, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), the California Federation of Teachers and…

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