UofM GSRA tell Freep what’s up

UofM GSRA tell Freep what’s up

Sun. 12/04/11 03:42 PM “Leave UM lab assistants alone”

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I’d think the the editorial board at a newspaper would understand how forming a union works. There’s no one bothering us, we, the research assistants want to build a union, for us and by us. If you don’t believe in collective bargaining be straight up and put that point out there, but don’t pretend that anyone is forcing the hand of GSRAs here. We want to have our union legally recognized and a vote will show that.

In addition, you happily throw around this 370 number for the anti-group. Where’s the rigor there? Have those names been certified by the labor board? We know that a majority of GSRAs have been certified as wanted a union and election and you use a small sample that has even been verified to claim that we shouldn’t get to vote.

Finally, if I’m still just a student… please tell my boss that so I can at least take one day a week off and work less than 80 hours per week doing HIS research.

Victor22, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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