Senator Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Protect the Postal Service

Bernie Sanders is awesome! If we had more Democratic Socialists like him in congress, the US would be a much better place.

The North Carolina Letter Carrier Activist

God bless Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). On November 10 Senator Sanders introduced a bill in the Senate that seems to have flown below most everyone’s radar and it shouldn’t have, at least not for those who are advocating changes for the Postal Service that would save it (HR 1351) rather than destroy it (HR 2309). Below is a summary of a more detailed summary from the November 10 bill compliments of Postal Employee Network. It starts with a quote from the network’s Legislative and Political Director Myke Reed:

“Senator Sanders’ bill gets at the underlying causes of the Postal Service’s dire financial situation, and outlines methods for resolving the crisis. It offers solutions that would strengthen service and protect the network of post offices and mail processing centers. The network is one of the Postal Service’s greatest assets. Unfortunately, several other bills currently pending in Congress would destroy this essential…

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